Written by Graham Newnum
on October 30, 2018

Federal agencies understand the need for language interpretation and document translation: They communicate with all Americans, not just those who can read English and speak it fluently.

What makes CyraCom International Inc. the right choice for federal agencies in need of multilingual support?

1. CyraCom International offers an existing GSA contract for language services, making signup simple

Our GSA Scheduled Contract (GS-10F-009BA) means you don’t need to put out an RFP, solicit responses, or negotiate a rate for services. Instead, your agency can become a CyraCom International client today by contacting us and referencing our GSA contract number. We offer services under the following SIN codes:

SIN 382-1-- Translation Services/ Recovery 382-1RC

CyraCom offers a secure online translation solution, designed to protect data from submission to delivery. We believe that a solution hosted in the United States where no data leaves the platform ensures higher levels of data security, better adherence to federal laws and regulations, and reduced liability for privacy and security concerns.

SIN 382-2—Interpretation Services/ Recovery 382-2RC

Experience secure telephonic and video interpretation with CyraCom. Agencies may value CyraCom’s onshore, US operations. We operate the most extensive network of secure, large-scale interpreter contact centers. The secure interpreter contact centers are PCI & HIPAA compliant.

SIN 382-3—Training * Educational Materials Recovery 382-3RC

Federal agencies may have staff interpreters or bilingual staff. CyraCom provides testing to help demonstrate federal employee’s qualifications as linguists or interpreters.

SIN 382-5—Services for the Visual and Hearing Impaired 382-5RC

This includes American Sign Language interpretation. Both on-site and secure, encrypted video interpretation are available.

2. CyraCom International offers quick connection times and reliable, redundant infrastructure

CyraCom International connects clients to US interpreters via phone or video chat in seconds. We understand the impact a delay in communication can have, as we provide interpretation services to 1,150 emergency communication centers nationwide. Their average connection time: under three seconds.

Our investment in reliable, redundant US infrastructure helps CyraCom International remain operational during emergency scenarios. During 2017’s Hurricane Harvey, extreme flooding dramatically increased the need for first responders while simultaneously shutting down our Houston contact center. Because Houston is one of seven large-scale contact centers we’ve established across the US, CyraCom International was able to continue aiding first responders uninterrupted.

3. CyraCom International has proven itself in handling critical incidents in the past decade

In addition to Hurricane Harvey, CyraCom International has aided federal, state, and local agencies in handling disasters like Katrina and Sandy, as well as wildfires, tropical storms, and issues involving border enforcement and civil unrest. We have provided services to the Department of Defense, FEMA, and the Department of Homeland Security. We also provided multilingual support for the Affordable Care Act’s initial rollout.

Our Senior Language Consultant Joe Whittington is your partner to help best address your agency's language services needs. For your convenience, we have linked our RFP guide below, along with additional contact information.  

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Call Joe at

(520) 745-9447 x4467

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